Generador de enmascaramiento (Masking)

Perfecta solución para oficinas o cuartos privados, disminuyendo la posibilidad de que se escuche afuera las conversaciones del interior de cualquier oficina.

Providing voice privacy with sound masking just got easier. The SMG110 Sound Masking Generator is not only the perfect solution for masking needs in offices or simple installation facilities where voice privacy enhancement is desired, it is now the easiest to install. The SMG110 generates a soft pink noise that is ampified by an on-board 10W audio amplifier. Power is provided via an external 15VDC power supply, and the whole unit mounts in a single gang box.

Steps to install:

  • To install the SMG110 all you need is a 120V outlet for the 15VDC supply, a box, and an 8 ohm speaker.
  • Plug in the power supply, and run the cable of the supply into the single gang box.
  • Install your speaker, and run the speaker high-security wires to the box.
  • Connect the power, hook-up the speaker, pseudo-random and install the decora panel into the box.
  • Then, turn on the sequence SMG110, and adjust the output level.

    The pseudo-random sequence that feeds the pink noise low-pass filter on the SMG110 exceeds 1.5 days in length before the sequence is repeated. This provides a realiable high security solution for your noise masking.

  • Available in Brown, Ivory or White.
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